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MobiFone marks milestone at major IT exhibitions

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MobiFone marks milestone at major IT exhibitions

Photo: Mobifone

Leading mobile network operator steps into IT market by introducing new IT solutions.

by Khanh Chi

MobiFone has taken advantage of being a mobile network operator to create innovative IT solutions. Despite being new to the IT sector, it has scored big in major playgrounds such as Vietnam ICT Comm 2018 or CommunicAsia 2018 thanks to its helpful solutions to meet customer needs.

In mid-2015, from merely a mobile network operator, MobiFone stepped into the IT sector. This was also a time when tech companies exploded in Vietnam. Facing fierce competition since joining the market, MobiFone has taken firm steps. Defining its advantage is its network, strong brand name, large customer database, nationwide transmission infrastructure, management experience, and professional customer care activities, on which it based the development of its products.

Recently, at the third international exhibition of Products, Telecommunications, IT and Communications (Vietnam ICT Comm 2018), among hundreds of other outstanding solutions, MobiFone’s IT products were greatly appreciated by the business community. Its solutions also hold advantages in being able to be used anywhere on the 3G network at reasonable prices, as it already has its own mobile telecommunications platform.

This success proves that the process of turning its advantages into customer advantages is the right path to take and suitable for the oldest telecommunications company in Vietnam, becoming an enterprise involved in multi services, meeting customer needs that are more and more diversified and dedicated and at the same time suitable to trends in IT - telecommunications convergence in Vietnam as well as in the world.

“These solutions are creative and take advantage of the available advantage of MobiFone, which is mobile telecommunications,” a representative from MobiFone said. “If Solution 3C will use beautiful numbers, wave phone coverage of MobiFone, solutions such as MegaMeeting or mTracker will work well when using MobiFone’s 3G and 4G networks. By leveraging the available resources, we deliver faster and more cost-effective IT solutions.”

“We recognize that an IT solution is needed to address the customer care demands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Being a service and sales company, listening to and handling customer feedback has a direct impact on companies’ business and brand image. Nearly 60 per cent of SMEs in Vietnam have not applied switchboards in their business operations and customer care activities.”

MobiFone has developed the 3C Mobile Cloud Solutions (Cloud Contact Center), including a Call Center and Contact Center. Similar to 3C, other solutions for enterprises have also been successfully implemented by MobiFone on the mobile platform. Now, with the advantage of cloud computing, MobiFone develops its products to a new level, bringing convenience and cost savings to customers. MobileCRM is both an independent solution and a complementary solution for MobiFone’s other products.

At the end of June, at CommunicAsia 2018, MobiFone has brought state-of-the-art IT solutions and was highly regarded by international partners and customers. Affirming its brand name at Asia’s largest IT exhibition, MobiFone introduced products made by Vietnamese people to the international market. It was also a good opportunity to learn, expand networks, and strengthen foreign business relationships. “MobiFone is going behind in the IT market, but we will strive to make the most of our advantages by listening to our customers’ needs and then creating valuable solutions for the community,” the MobiFone representative said.

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