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Hoa Sen Group introduces digital technology to sales

Released at: 07:58, 20/03/2018 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Hoa Sen Group introduces digital technology to sales

Photo: Hoa Sen Group

Leading building materials supplier now providing online sales services.

by Huyen Thanh

Local companies have applied online selling methods to bring the best benefits to customers in the context of the boom in digital technology and global economic changes in general. In particular, for the construction materials industry in Vietnam, traditional purchases remain very popular, as customers are used to coming directly to agents and shops to find and buy products. The Hoa Sen Group, the pioneer in Vietnam’s building materials industry, has caught on to the latest trends and launched online sales at www.hoasengroup.vn.

“Online shopping - Get a scratch card”

With the aim of bringing the best benefits to customers, from February 25 to May 31 the Hoa Sen Group will launch the “Online shopping - Get a scratch card” program. When ordering products from the Hoa Sen Group on www.hoasengroup.vn, customers will receive mobile scratch cards from VND50,000 ($2.20) to VND300,000 ($13.20) depending on the value of the purchase. The program only applies to customers purchasing online on the Hoa Sen Group website and completing the process of delivery and payment.

When buying goods on the website, customers can find full information about types of products, select the nearest branch to order in the form of a retail order or commercial order in large quantities, and order for export customers. With online chatting and a free consultation center on 1800 1515, customers will be advised by the customer care staff at the Hoa Sen Group on the types of products that meet their needs. The new purchase system not only brings the most convenience to customers, such as saving time and effort, but also has attractive offers.

With the message: “There is no need to go far - buy screw/zinc pipe/plastic pipe from Hoa Sen at home”, this is one of the major developments by the Hoa Sen Group in improving the sales method, providing the best products and convenient purchasing services to customers.

Leading the steel market

The Hoa Sen Group is leading the steel market in Vietnam, with a market share of nearly 35 per cent, standing at second in the steel pipe market with a share of more than 18 per cent, according to the Vietnam Steel Association. In terms of plastic pipe, though entering the market just a few years ago, Hoa Sen’s plastic pipe has risen to become one of the three leading plastic pipe brands in the country. At the same time, the Hoa Sen Group is also the leading exporter of steel sheets in Southeast Asia. Its products are now present in more than 75 countries and regions around the world.

The strategic objective of the Hoa Sen Group is to become the leading economic group in Vietnam and Southeast Asia over the next few years. Its focus area is the production and distribution of building materials through sustainable development strategies based on core competitive advantages, creating high quality products for consumers and bringing the greatest value to shareholders, partners, and customers.

The Hoa Sen Group currently has eleven large factories in Vietnam’s three regions: northern, central and southern. In 2016-2017, it produced more than 1.6 million tons of iron, steel and plastics, earning revenue of more than VND26 trillion ($1.14 billion) and posting after-tax profit of more than VND1.33 trillion ($58.4 million). In 2017-2018, it aims to record output of 1.8 million tons of finished products, net revenue of VND30 trillion ($1.31 billion), and after-tax profit of VND1.35 trillion ($59.29 million).

With positive changes in the sales method and improving product quality, the Hoa Sen Group affirms its position as a leader in Vietnam’s steel industry and is expanding to international markets.

The online shopping guide is available at www.hoasengroup.vn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6WHYbXsEKo





(Excluding VAT)


(Mobile scratch card)


VND3 million - under VND5 million

($132 - $220)

VND50,000 ($2.20)


VND5 million - under VND10 million

($220 -  $440)

VND100,000 ($4.40)


VND10 million - under VND15 million ($440 - $660)

VND150,000 ($6.60)


VND15 million - under VND30 million ($660 - $1,320)

VND200,000 ($8.80)


Above VND30 million ($1,320)

VND300,000 ($13.20)

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