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DHL Express Vietnam's business performance in 2017

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DHL Express Vietnam's business performance in 2017

Photo: DHL Express Vietnam

Mr. Shoeib Reza Choudhury, General Director of DHL Express Vietnam, tells VET about the company's performance and its future moves.

by Ngoc Lan

How was DHL Express Vietnam’s business performance in 2017? What were its most significant innovations and achievements?

Technology is at the heart of our operations and we are continuously introducing innovations that make our customers lives simpler. Paperless Trade (PLT) is a great example. It’s a service where a customer can send a commercial invoice (and other customs documents) such as electronic images to DHL Express, saving on printing costs and contributing to environmental protection efforts. We have also introduced our On Demand Delivery service whereby customers can control the day and location of their deliveries to suit their schedules. Today, globally, we are experimenting with drone technology, which could potentially become a major delivery mode in dense urban cities.

To what extent are DHL’s services and solutions selected and favored by local companies and consumers? What services do you consider strengths in competing with other businesses?

Our business growth is a testament to the confidence our customers have in the strength of the DHL network and our insanely customer-centric mindset. Our strength is our network and our people. Our network of aircraft, gateways, hubs, service centers, vehicles, and people connects 220 countries and territories around the world, and this is simply unparalleled in the market. In Vietnam, we have expanded our reach through new service centers in industrial provinces such as Binh Duong in the south. Very recently, we increased our flight capacity to Ho Chi Minh City by upgrading our aircraft to an Airbus A330-300P2F. Internally, we also run an award-winning engagement program called Certified International Specialist (CIS) which enables staff empowerment through knowledge and development. We are also among the 100 Best Employers in Vietnam. Combined with that is a customer-centric mindset that we have cultivated over many years that’s really hard to replicate.

What is your view of the development of Vietnam’s logistics sector over recent years?

In keeping with the growth of foreign direct investment (FDI) and exports, Vietnam’s logistics sector is also growing rapidly. As such, at DHL, we are continuously investing to ensure that our customers’ demands are met. Logistics today is as much about the flow of information as it is about the flow of goods. We are leveraging the wave of digitalization to simplify our internal processes and provide our customers with an even higher level of service. I believe we will see the effect of digitalization throughout the sector in the next few years.

What are challenges of foreign logistic manufacturers in the Vietnamese market at this time?

At DHL, we focus very much on improving our productivity and increasing the speed of our deliveries. To that end, we invest significantly in the training of our people and upgrading our technology. We are one of the first to introduce electronic invoicing in the logistics industry. We will keep on pushing the boundaries to improve our own productivity and the general productivity of Vietnam. We look forward to working with the relevant parties so we can continue to push for the development of the country.

What are DHL’s plans for business development in 2018 and what specific strategies are being adopted to bolster your achievements even further in the years to come?

We will be investing heavily in 2018 to further expand and strengthen our presence in Vietnam. We are also working with local e-commerce players and helping them to go international. The B2C segment is going to be the next vertical growth for Vietnam, and DHL will be a strong partner in that area through our technological innovations and strong international network.

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