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Cooperative partnerships prove vital for Gamuda Land

Released at: 17:14, 31/01/2018 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Cooperative partnerships prove vital for Gamuda Land

Annual real estate conference of Batdongsan.com.vn in 2017 with Mr. Chow Chee Fan – CEO of Gamuda Land Vietnam as one of the speakers. Photo: Gamuda Land

Malaysian real estate developer continues to benefit from partnerships struck with Vietnamese companies.

by Quang Huy

In the midst of a competitive real estate market, developers are looking for equally competitive solutions as well as partnerships bringing exclusive values to customers. This is especially true for foreign developers, who are often in need of the assistance and advice of local experts and businesses with abundant experience in the Vietnamese market.

Such partnerships are readily seen between Gamuda Land, one of the leading Malaysian real estate developers, and many well-known companies in Vietnam’s real estate market such as CENLAND, MuaBanNhaDat.vn, and Batdongsan.com.vn. The support and assistance of these partners made a great contribution to the development of the Gamuda City project in Hanoi’s Hoang Mai district.

Thanks to the sound advice of these strategic partners and their years of expertise in the market, the Gamuda City project, having been developed by Gamuda Land, has been widely introduced to many people over the years, providing customers with optimized solutions when looking for suitable homes for themselves and their families. 

Partnership signing ceremony between Gamuda Land and CENLAND in 2017. Photo: Gamuda Land

In its ten years in Vietnam, Gamuda Land has sought partnerships with many national and international sales agencies, with the most distinguishable partnership since 2013 being with CENLAND in the area of business development, product sales, and advertising.

CENLAND successfully marketed and sold many real estate products in Gamuda Gardens township (one of the main precincts of Gamuda City): The ONE Residence, The TWO Residence, Iris Homes, Lily Homes, and Camelia Homes.

Dahlia Homes was introduced by Gamuda Land and CENLAND in January and is anticipated to be the next premier real estate product in the market.

As the leading online portal for real estate information and with the highest traffic in Southeast Asia, in 2017 Batdongsan.com.vn helped Gamuda Land and many real estate partners attract target customers and enhanced the branding of many developers and projects among more than 10 million internet users through effective online marketing campaigns, helping the developers control the consistent spread of product information to the public.

Furthermore, to provide interested parties with the prospects for and vision of 2018’s real estate market, Mr. Chow Chee Fan, CEO of Gamuda Land Vietnam, addressed the annual real estate conference hosted by Batdongsan.com.vn in December. 

For developers, integrated marketing and PR solutions do not stop at online marketing strategies, but extends to constant interaction with potential customers through product launches and customer appreciation events, in order to make authentic connections and entice customers to experience and purchase real estate products.

One of the most recognizable partners of many real estate developers in this field is MuaBanNhaDat.vn, a reputable online platform for real estate news with extensive knowledge in building a solid community of sellers, buyers, and developers.

Over the years, MuaBanNhaDat.vn has won the favor of many customers and strives towards the objective of developing Vietnam’s real estate market as a whole.

Entering 2018, real estate developers continue to introduce diverse and competitive products into the market. However, real experience and real values brought to customers need to be the core focus, similar to the way Gamuda Land is driving forward with establishing a high-end green urban project for customers with its Gamuda City project.

Cooperative relationships with strategic partners with intensive experience will help developers achieve great milestones on the journey towards successful communication and interaction with customers, providing in-demand real estate products as well as enhancing the welfare of society and the surrounding community.

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