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Wink Hotels pioneering affordable luxury

Released at: 15:20, 14/08/2018

Wink Hotels pioneering affordable luxury

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Visionary hospitality concept celebrates local culture at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Wink Hotels is Vietnam’s first international-standard hotel chain, a visionary hospitality concept created by Indochina Vanguard Hotels (ICC-Vanguard) that celebrates local culture at the intersection of tradition and modernity. A new approach to “affordable luxury” in the region, Wink offers minimalist but tasteful design while maintaining luxury levels of comfort. With construction of the first Wink Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City set to commence in the fourth quarter of this year, it won’t be long before guests can fully experience everything this visionary brand has to offer.

Wink Hotels was conceived following the establishment of a joint venture between Indochina Capital and the Singapore-based Vanguard Hotels. It was built on a strong foundation, with the platform to capture the spirit of the destination and offer memorable local experiences. Tailored for a generation of young and aspirational travelers, Wink will establish itself as a leading lifestyle brand with its forward-thinking approach and welcoming attitude towards the locale, while transforming the landscape of the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

In the past few years, tourist arrivals to Vietnam have increased rapidly, compounded by the rapid ascent of the Vietnamese middle class. This heightened demand has consistently outpaced the supply of hotel rooms - particularly in this market segment. A lack of branded hospitality options that deliver both an exceptional experience and value-for-money was a key driving factor in the creation of Wink Hotels.

Wink Hotels represents the power and tenacity of the Vietnamese people, catering to their fast-paced lifestyle and their growing curiosity towards the world at large. With a prominent focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Wink will create immersive experiences for guests, allowing them to explore the cultural depths of the destination. Each hotel will offer localized food and beverage concepts, minimalist-style guestrooms, advanced technology, and a contemporary coworking space in lieu of a traditional business center.

Indochine 2.0 - Generation of Change

Designed for aspirational modern travelers, Wink desires to build a community that truly expresses the burgeoning generation that the brand labels “Indochine 2.0”. The people of this generation draw inspiration from their heritage but they’re also open-minded about the boundless possibilities that exist today. Having broken through economic, social and political barriers, they’re ready to embark on a brave new journey.

Indochine 2.0 embraces timeless values and the harmony between modernity and innovation. Traditions tell the story of how a culture came to be from one generation to the next, while modernization paints a picture of progression - be it social or technological. In a world of constant change, finding a balance between these two elements is key. That balance is central to the essence of Indochine 2.0.

Acknowledge & Adapt

Wink acknowledges the rise of home-sharing providers like Airbnb and aims to adapt to changes in consumer behavior in the wake of this disruption. By embracing what is currently shaping the market and looking forward to potential transformations, Wink will position itself as a pioneer of Vietnam’s evolving hospitality industry.

In coming years, Vietnam’s hospitality market will see a shift towards community-driven brands, customer service and advanced-technology integration. All these elements are crucial in the development of Wink as a lifestyle and hospitality brand. By focusing on authentic local experiences, growing a community of like-minded individuals and offering essential premium amenities, Wink Hotels strives to tackle even the smallest details of guest experience.

Wink’s first site in Ho Chi Minh City is located at 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem in the heart of the city’s CBD, making it a prime location for leisure and business travelers alike. The first Wink Hotel will have 226 rooms and is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2020. Two sites in Da Nang have been secured by ICC-Kajima, a joint venture between Indochina Capital and renowned Japanese developer the Kajima Corporation. One of these sites is located at 178 Tran Phu and the other on Tran Hung Dao. Both are situated in the heart of the city’s business and entertainment district and will offer remarkable views of the Han River, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula, and the East Sea.

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