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Singaporean "Prosperity Salad" at Fortuna for New Year

Released at: 16:33, 09/01/2019

Singaporean "Prosperity Salad" at Fortuna for New Year

Photo: Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

Special Singaporean dish to be served from January 15 to February 19 at May Man Chinese Restaurant.

by Jessica Nguyen

To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi is offering a special Singaporean dish, “Yu Sheng”, from January 15 to February 19 at its May Man Chinese Restaurant.

Also known as “Prosperity Salad”, Yu Sheng is a traditional New Year’s dish of raw salmon with crunchy vegetables served with assorted toppings as an appetizer to bring good luck in the New Year. The dish is the sublimation of wealth and a symbol of prosperity and longevity. Singaporeans, especially businesspeople and traders, love to eat the dish every New Year because it is a symbol of success, prosperity, and fortune.

Yu Sheng was created by four master chefs in a Singaporean restaurant kitchen way back in 1964. The salad is a sophisticated preparation of many delicious and fresh ingredients, such as salmon, grated vegetables, sauces, and condiments, all of which hold a special meaning for the New Year. Salmon symbolizes prosperity for the whole year; five spices and pepper are associated with treasure; green radish represents longevity; the kumquat squeezed on the salmon is a blessing; sesame is wishes for success; and plum sauce is for happiness.

The special feature of the savory salad is not only its finest ingredients, however, but also how it is enjoyed. Tossing Yu Sheng is the most important and fun part of the dining experience. Groups of family members, friends, or colleagues gather together, stand around a table, and use chopsticks to toss a large plate of the auspicious salad before sitting down to savor it. As the special food is mixed together, it contains the meaning of everyone wishing each other luck, prosperity and health. It is believed that the higher the ingredients are tossed, the luckier and wealthier they will be. While mixing, people will toss the salad seven times, shout “Prosperity! More prosperity!” and send best wishes to each other for the New Year.

The Yu Sheng Prosperity Toss will be introduced at the Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, with three options: Happiness (for two to three persons) at VND480,000 ($20), Prosperity (four to six persons) at VND680,000 ($30), and Fortune (eight to ten persons) at VND880,000 ($40).

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