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Nature's majesty in Nha Trang

Released at: 14:05, 31/10/2018

Nature's majesty in Nha Trang

Noi Islet in Nha Trang Bay. Photo: Sanest Tourist

A trip with Sanest Tourist immerses you in nature and the charming waters in and around Nha Trang.

by Le Diem

Blue seas, smooth sandy beaches, and hundreds of pristine large and small islands off the coast of beautiful Nha Trang in south-central Khanh Hoa province call visitors every year. A trip to the area with Sanest Tourist will immerse you in nature and the charming waters of Nha Trang, an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists looking to enjoy a holiday full of relaxation and fun.

Romantic double beach

Under the scorching sun of summer, the cool, blue peaceful sea is a special attraction. The beautiful double beach at Noi Islet in Yen Island, in particular, is the perfect destination for a holiday.

Noi Islet is home of many swallows’ nests and about 25 km off the coast. It is famed for its poetic double beach, one hot and one cold, created by streams reaching the beach and divided by fine white sand.

If you follow the stone steps to the top of Mount Du Ha, at a height of about 90 meters above sea level, you can take in a wonderful scene of nature, with immense mountains meeting the sea and views stretching to faraway Ngoai Island, which boasts the largest number of swallows’ nests in Vietnam. The majesty of nature abounds in Khanh Hoa in particular and Vietnam in general.

A night tour over the sea with Sanest Tourist sees you enjoy fresh air, a cool breeze, a view of Nha Trang’s twinkling lights from the sea, and whispering waves. You can also watch fish jumping out of the sea and feel peace and tranquility watching dozens of fishing boats out at sea under the moon. A dinner of Nha Trang specialties adds to a wonderful tour.

Along with Noi Islet, the tourism complex at Dong Tam Island is also worth a visit, surrounded by mountains and beaches on an area of more than 10 ha. Guests will be spoiled by views of the beautiful sea, mountains, and houses, and can enjoy sunbathing, fishing and exploring coral reefs. Those on this tour can also explore the trade of catching swallows’ nests.

Another tour to the four most popular islets in Nha Trang Bay - Tre, Mun, Rom, Tam - is also a great experience. In a glass-bottom boat, Sanest Tourist gives you the means to discover the mysterious natural magnificence of the ocean and its diverse coral and colorful marine species. You can also swim in clear blue waters or take part in water sports such as diving, paragliding, and jet skiing, among others. On the way back to the mainland you visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Mieu Islet, where hundreds of rare and beautiful marine creatures are bred, like a live museum of the sea.

Catching birds’ nests

A visit to Salangane Island to see birds’ nest and catch them and then visit Salanganes Nest Career Temple to know more about the salangane’s nest trade is a wonderful tourism experience in Khanh Hoa and should not be missed.

Guests are taken to high and dangerous cliffs where the birds’ nests are found. This particular topography enriches the nests with multi-micronutrients, increasing nutritional value and retaining the flavor of the Salanganes’ Nest Khanh Hoa brand. The best time to visit is the dry season, from April to the end of August.

Tours from Sanest Tourist satisfy the most adventurous of groups, whether team building trips or family-friendly holidays, and are ideal for those who wish to find a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in peace and quiet.

In addition to sightseeing tours to islands and Nha Trang night tours, Sanest Tourist also organizes tours to elsewhere in Vietnam and the region, including Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. With international-standard accommodation, dining, and cruises, and professional and attentive tour guides, guests are certain to have a meaningful and memorable holiday with Sanest Tourist.

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