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Hanoi has 10th-cheapest taxis globally

Released at: 16:33, 21/07/2017

Hanoi has 10th-cheapest taxis globally

Taxi in Hanoi. Photo: Baomoi.com

Taxi costs in Hanoi fifth-cheapest in Asia and tenth-cheapest in the world, according to report from UK-based online car sales website Carspring.

by Le Diem

Hanoi was ranked as having the tenth-cheapest taxi services in the world in the recently-released 2017 Taxi Price Index from Carspring, a UK-based online car sales website.

The index ranked 80 of the most visited cities globally by how much it costs to get around by taxi, according to the standard price of a 3-km ride. It also researched the cost of hailing a taxi, the cost per kilometer, waiting times, and typical fares for a taxi from the airport to the city center.

“We also looked at what car model is most popular with taxi drivers in each city, to give an idea of what you’re likely to ride in and how to spot an unlicensed driver,” Carspring wrote. “Each category, excluding model type, was normalized according to a formula to give a price score, which were then added together to create an overall price score for each city.”

The study also provides information on whether an alternative such as Uber is available in each location.

It cost $2.09 to travel 3 km in Hanoi, ranking it the fifth-cheapest in Asia, following Mumbai (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The Egyptian capital of Cairo topped the list, with a 3-km trip costing just $0.55. Zurich in Switzerland was the most expensive, at $25.55, while Tokyo had the highest cost in Asia, of $15.95.

“We hope our research helps travelers prepare for safe, fun, and budget-friendly travel in whatever ride best suits them,” said Carspring’s CEO Mr. Maximilian Vollenbroich.

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