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Flamingo Dai Lai: Luxury amidst nature

Released at: 12:31, 21/07/2018

Flamingo Dai Lai: Luxury amidst nature

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - a green project of international standard.

Situated in the midst of a majestic mountainous lagoon on more than 1.23 million sq m, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has become a popular destination for Vietnamese visitors keen on "Living luxuriously in nature". Ms. Le Thi Van Anh, Deputy CEO of the Flamingo Group, spoke with VET about the group's values and plans in the years to come.

Why did the Flamingo Group choose to develop the resort in Dai Lai?

We aspire to create and build world-class resort, tourism and service complexes and to take Vietnamese architecture to the world, with products of international standard. With such a strategy, the Flamingo Group seeks locations that meet our expectations in terms of landscape and transport infrastructure.

When we came to Dai Lai we found what we were looking for. Dai Lai is a semi-mountainous region in northern Vietnam, where the scenery includes poetic green pine trees and calm lakes. It is a great place in terms of “feng shui”, with a temperate climate. It is also adjacent to the capital Hanoi, which is 45 minutes away, and very close to Noi Bai International Airport, making for easy access by local and foreign tourists alike. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort attracts millions of visitors from Hanoi and around the north.

Since it opened in 2009, we have gone through a process of building, developing, investing and expending much effort on improving infrastructure and service quality in the hope of providing our guests with the most luxurious conveniences.

How are “green” values preserved and nurtured at Flamingo Dai Lai?

With a sustainable development strategy based on a philosophy of conserving the ecological environment, the Flamingo Group focuses on promoting and preserving natural values, traditional culture, and human values that bring happiness and good living. We understand that the environment and the ecosystem play a very important role in human life, so we are very much focused on creating the best “green” architecture and landscapes.

Before adopting any new design, we ask whether it is environmentally-friendly or enhances the beauty of the natural surroundings. We chose a green design for Flamingo Dai Lai, to preserve the romantic natural scenery of this charming land and create luxury amidst nature.

The green design at Flamingo Dai Lai is demonstrated by the aerial garden, which pioneers the use of large numbers of trees and flowers for effect and also to create an ecological system. The green of Flamingo Dai Lai is also shown in our use of materials that are close to nature, creating harmony between landscapes and living spaces.

Ms. Le Thi Van Anh, Deputy CEO of the Flamingo Group (right), receiving the Best Resort Property award in 2018 for Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.

What luxurious facilities does Flamingo Dai Lai Resort boast?

We are proud that Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is well known as an ecological resort complex with beautiful natural scenery, unique green architecture with luxurious villas that meet five-star standards, and international art projects.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort perfectly meets all needs of guests, such as meeting rooms, mountain villas, terraced villas, unique restaurant and banqueting facilities, a four seasons swimming pool, an aristocratic sports club and water sports, the Seva Spa & Beauty Destination, with more than 100 rooms for health and beauty treatments for guests, and many other attractive features. We also issue service cards, such as a Seva Spa card, a golf card for Dai Lai Golf Course, and, especially, an “All In Passport Diamond” card with unlimited use of 156 services of five-star standard throughout the Flamingo Group system. 

We firmly believe that each project at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort brings guests a wonderful experience with ecological value. 

How have experts and guests evaluated the Flamingo Group’s efforts in Dai Lai?

In 2016, at the International Property Awards in the Asia-Pacific region held in Malaysia, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort became the first and only resort in Vietnam to win all four categories: Best Resort Property, Best Resort Architecture, Most Unique Resort Architecture, and Top Resort Development.

In 2017, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort surpassed its own record to receive five awards at the International Property Awards. It was also recently honored to receive the Best Property Award in 2018 at the National Property Awards for “Green Architecture” and also won a “Smart Investors” award from the Association of Vietnam Architects.

With more than 20 years of experience and investment in nature and people in creating green buildings and five-star standard services, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has won more than 40 prestigious awards in Vietnam and abroad. This is a source of pride for us and encourages us to try even harder. 

What direction will the Flamingo Group take in developing green buildings in the future?

International experts highly regard the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in general and the Forest In The Sky  building, which opened in June, in particular because of its green design, environmental-friendliness, and unique combination of architecture and landscapes. Forest In The Sky also won an impressive property award in 2017 at the International Property Awards and has received five World Bank EDGE certificates as energy-efficient buildings.

Following on from these successes, we are building the Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort, with three buildings: Forest On The Sea, Forest In The Sun, and Forest On The Sand, inheriting the experience and advantages of the Forest In The Sky project, and developing to new heights with a five-star resort on Cat Co 1 Beach and Cat Co 2 Beach, which are considered among the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. In the future, we believe in creating more quality green buildings in Vietnam that meet international standards.

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