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All indexes gain ground

Released at: 19:24, 29/12/2016 Stock Market Watch

All indexes gain ground

Good day's trade all round on December 29.

by Hung Khanh

All main indexes on Vietnam’s stock market closed higher on December 29.

On HSX the VN-Index increased 0.22 points (0.18 per cent), the VN-30 Index 2.12 points (0.34 per cent), the VNMid-Index 2.36 points (0.3 per cent), and the VNSml-Index 2.55 points (0.34 per cent).

The HNX-Index increased 0.53 points (0.67 per cent) on HNX and the HNX30-Index 0.76 points (0.53 per cent), the UPCoM-Index 0.11 points (0.21 per cent), and the VNAll-Index 4.27 points (0.45 per cent).

HSX saw 124 shares increase and 125 decrease while HNX saw 139 increase and 99 decrease.

Liquidity on HNX was VND246 billion ($10.8 million), 6.5 per cent higher than yesterday, and on HSX was VND1.83 trillion ($80.3 million), 3 per cent lower.

The VN-Index opened at 663.5 points and hit its peak of the day of 666 points early on before fluctuating and closing the morning session at 665.1 points. In the afternoon it slipped to its bottom of the day of 664.1 points late on but recovered to close at 664.72 points.

VNM once again provided the main support for HSX’s indexes, increasing 2.1 per cent on trade of VND258 billion ($11.7 million), the highest on HSX. NVL followed, with liquidity of some VND191 billion ($8.4) and rose 0.2 per cent. ROS had the third-highest liquidity, of VND181 billion ($7.94 million), and increased 0.8 per cent.

Among other shares in food and beverage, SAB was down 1 per cent, KDC 2 per cent and MSN 0.3 per cent.

In banking, CTG lost 1.3 per cent, BID 1 per cent and VCB 0.4 per cent while STB rose 3.3 per cent, EIB 1 per cent and MBB 0.8 per cent.

In energy, PGD and GAS shed 3.5 per cent and 0.3 per cent and CNG 2.1 per cent.

Among other large caps on HSX, VIC was up 0.7 per cent and MWG lost 0.1 per cent.

Among large caps on HNX, SHB rose 2.2 per cent, VCG 0.7 per cent and ACB, PVS and PHP 0.6 per cent. VCS lost 0.3 per cent and PVI, NTP and DBC closed at their opening price.   

Foreign investors net bought on HSX by VND27 billion ($1.2 million) and net sold on HNX by VND56 million ($2,458).

The recovery of VNM contributed significantly to overall momentum in the market, hitting 130 points, with 70 per cent of its trade coming from foreign investors. NVL increased slightly on trade of 3.2 million shares, which also saw 70 belonging to foreign investors. Most major stocks increased a little on improved liquidity and maintained positive momentum in the session. The effects spread to other stocks with smaller market capitalization. The VN-Index closed near the resistance level of 665 points, at 664.72 points, up 1.22 points.

Most large caps and VN30 stocks are in the process of bottoming out and recovering, and this may stimulate demand. The market trend will continue to be sideways until the VN-Index exits the price range of 664-669 points. Investors should explore underlying shares and large caps that are in the process of bottoming out at attractive prices when accompanied by stable liquidity, and this will support the market on the last trading day of the year.

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