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VN30-Index alone in falling

Released at: 18:29, 10/02/2017 Stock Market Watch

VN30-Index alone in falling

VN-Index remained stable at around the 700-point mark on February 10.

by Hung Khanh

The VN30-Index was the only main index to close lower on February 10.

On HSX the VN-Index increased 3.12 points (0.45 per cent) while the VN30-Index lost 0.05 points (0.01 per cent). The VNMid-Index rose 5.68 points (0.68 per cent) and the VNSml-Index 2.16 points (0.28 per cent).

On HNX, the HNX-Index increased 0.39 points (0.46 per cent) and the HNX30-Index 0.82 points (0.54 per cent), while the UPCoM-Index lost 0.03 points (0.06 per cent) and the VNALL-Index gained 1.97 points (0.2 per cent).

HSX saw a 141 point increase followed by a 104 point decrease while HNX saw a 139 point increase followed by a 117 point decrease.

Liquidity on HSX reached VND2.7 trillion ($119.23 million), 3.5 per cent lower than yesterday, and on HNX was VND385 billion ($17 million), 23 per cent higher.

The VN-Index opened at 700.65 points and quickly increased to 702.7 points early on before falling to its bottom of the day of 701.3 points then recovering to close the morning session at 703.1 points. In the afternoon, it reached its peak of the day of 704 points early on before falling and closing at 703.8 points.

Among food and beverage stocks, MSN lost 1.2 per cent and VNM 0.2 per cent while BHN increased 2.9 per cent, KDC 1.3 per cent and SAB 1.1 per cent. SBT was the only share to close at its opening price.

VNM’s liquidity was different from previous days, with VND280 billion ($12.36 million) changing hands, ranking it second-highest on HSX after ROS, which had VND372 billion ($16.42 million) and increased 0.7 per cent in price.

In banking, CTG rose 2.8 per cent and BID 1.5 per cent while VCB shed 1 per cent, EIB 0.9 per cent and MBB 0.7 per cent.

In energy, GAS was up 1.7 per cent and CNG 0.8 per cent while PGD closed at its opening price.

Among other large caps on HSX, VIC and HPG closed at their opening price and BVH and MWG increased 1 per cent and 0.8 per cent, respectively.

On HNX, VCS rose 3.1 per cent, PVS 2.8 per cent, VCG 2 per cent, PHP 1.2 per cent and ACB 0.8 per cent. SHB lost 2 per cent, DBC 0.9 per cent, PVI 0.4 per cent and NTP 0.1 per cent.

Foreign investors net bought on HSX by VND11 billion ($485,760) and by VND12 billion ($529,920) on HNX.


The trading week saw the major indices head in opposite directions. While the VN-Index fluctuated above the 700-point threshold due to large cap division, the HNX-Index saw positive performance, rising on all five days. Liquidity was high and money rotated among major groups, including finance, construction, construction materials, and rubber, before flowing into new areas such as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and textiles. Foreigners traded actively and concentrated on large caps, especially VNM, which supported the market. We are optimistic about an uptrend, though the VN-Index will have to accumulate for a while before testing the resistance range of 710-715 points.

KIS Vietnam Securities Corporation

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