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UPCoM alone in falling

Released at: 17:19, 07/08/2017 Stock Market Watch

UPCoM alone in falling

Indexes gain ground on August 7, with UPCoM the exception.

by Huyen Thanh

All indexes gained ground on August 7 with the exception of UPCoM.

On HSX, the VN-Index increased 4.30 points (0.55 per cent) and the VN30-Index 1.64 points (0.22 per cent).

On HNX, the HNX-Index rose 0.47 points (0.46 per cent) and the HNX30-Index 0.76 points (0.4 per cent), while the UPCoM-Index fell 0.06 points (0.12 per cent).

Liquidity on HSX reached VND3.6 trillion ($156.5 million), 5.2 per cent higher than last Friday, and on HNX was VND810.2 billion ($35.2 million), 21.7 per cent higher.

The VN-Index opened at 789.41 points and increased to 789.61 points before ending the morning at 792.2 points. It then closed the day at 792.98 points.

In food and beverages, VCF rose 6.5 per cent while BBC lost 4.8 per cent, TLG and TAC 1 per cent, KDC 0.5 per cent, and VNM 0.2 per cent.

In banking, MBB increased 1.7 per cent, BVH and VCI 0.7 per cent, and BID 0.4 per cent. STB lost 1.2 per cent, EIB 0.8 per cent, and SSI 0.2 per cent as VCB and CTG closed at their opening price.

In energy, PLX increased 5 per cent, PVD 2.3 per cent, GAS 1.7 per cent, and NT2 0.2 per cent. PGD lost 4.5 per cent and PVT closed at its opening price.

In construction and real estate, DXG increased 1.8 per cent, FLC 1.4 per cent, ITA 1.2 per cent, CTD 1 per cent, KBC 0.7 per cent, ROS 0.5 per cent, HT1 0.6 per cent, and QCG 0.2 per cent. REE lost 1.6 per cent, NVL 0.9 per cent, and VIC 0.1 per cent.

The Top 5 shares bought by foreign investors were VCI (VND21.4 billion ($930,434)), PLX (VND19.7 billion ($865,521)), GAS (VND18.7 billion ($813,043)), HPG (VND14.5 billion ($630,434)), and VNM (VND11.6 billion ($504,347)).

On HSX, CII was the largest net sold share, with VND14.5 billion ($630,434), followed by MSN (VND12 billion ($521,739)), HT1 (VND8.5 billion ($369,565)), SSI (VND7.4 billion ($321,739)), and HCM (VND7.1 billion ($308,695)).

PVS was the largest net sold share on HNX, with VND4.1 billion ($178,260), followed by ICG (VND2.6 billion ($113,043)), VIX (VND2.4 billion ($104,347)), HUT (VND1.9 billion ($8,260)), and HOM (VND1.4 billion ($6,086)).

On UPCoM, foreign investors bought 230,219 shares worth VND9.76 billion ($434,347).

They net bought on HSX by VND89.33 billion ($3.8 million) and on HNX by VND46.12 billion ($2 million).

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