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TPBank introduces IA application

Released at: 16:05, 27/07/2017

TPBank introduces IA application

Illustrative image (Source: soha.vn)

T'Aio capable of handling customer contact 24/7.

by Hai Van

TPBank has recently applied an artificial intelligence (AI) application called T’Aio on its Facebook Fanpage to serve its digital banking customers.

It is the first bank to use AI to improve service quality and meet the need to serve customers 24/7.

The response speed of T’Aio is less than five seconds.

When it receives a question from a customer, it analyzes the available answers in the data system and its confidence level about answering the question. If it has a high confidence level, it provides an answer.

If available answers are considered insufficiently reliable, T’Aio will connect customers with a consultant and will automatically record new questions and answers for future responses.

T’Aio can answer questions relating to payment accounts, saving accounts, bank cards, eBank, and LiveBank.

Using Facebook’s general infrastructure, T’Aio is fully capable of responding to over 1.5 million TPBank customers interacting at the same time. The bank expects Facebook will support voice communications technology such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

It is preparing plans to integrate T’Aio into its website and eBank and will expand its functions.

T’Aio has already answered millions of questions about TPBank’s products and services 24/7. Development partners include leading technology groups in the world, such as Singtel, Google, and Microsoft.

The bank previously deployed LiveBank in early 2017, to change traditional banking.

General Director Nguyen Hung said that TPBank began to apply LiveBank in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in late 2016; a new banking model used around the world in Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Hong Kong (China). Singapore is the only country in Southeast Asia to use the model.

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