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Shinhan Card launches Shinhan Vietnam Finance

Released at: 08:55, 04/07/2019

Shinhan Card launches Shinhan Vietnam Finance

Photo: Shinhan Finance

The credit card company acquires Prudential Finance and introduces new corporate identity in Vietnam.

by Hung Cao

Shinhan Card, one of the leading credit card businesses in  Korea (RoK), officially announced the opening of its consumer finance company in Vietnam, Shinhan Vietnam Finance Company Ltd. (Shinhan Finance), formerly Prudential Finance. Shinhan Finance also announced the launch of a new brand identity and slogan.

On top of its already stable business, Shinhan Card, with a long-term perspective, plans to expand its product portfolio from credit loans to consumer durable loans, auto loans, and credit cards, by integrating various product know-how.

The new identity builds upon the Shinhan Financial Group’s corporate identity, featuring Global Scale, Hope, and Future Path. Including a new slogan, “New Experience, New Value”, the new branding is part of its strategy to evolve its business and create a foundation for new opportunities.

“I am delighted for the opportunity to be part of the vibrant financial market in Vietnam through Shinhan Finance,” Mr. Lim Young Jin, Shinhan Card President and CEO, told the inauguration ceremony. “We also plan to provide new financial services and customer experiences through offering our Vietnamese customers the Total Financial Solution, based on strong synergy from the leading foreign bank in Vietnam, Shinhan Bank Vietnam, Shinhan Securities, and Shinhan Life.”

“With the launch of Shinhan Finance, we will continue to put our best efforts into fulfilling our corporate responsibilities and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s financial market.”

“Formerly known as Prudential Finance and among the top 4 leading consumer finance companies in Vietnam, over the past eleven years we have provided personalized financial solutions to support hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese customers,” said Mr. Atul Dixit, CEO of Shinhan Finance.

“Good M&A practices indicate that evolving our name, rather than completely changing it, was the appropriate strategic move for us. While we wanted to accurately reflect our work in the new brand, we also wanted to enable opportunities to market the organization in pursuit of new opportunities for future growth and expansion.”

The company will retain its corporate headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 and nationwide branches, transaction offices, and service introduction points, maintaining available service space and convenience for customers.

“While our commitment to customers and the community we serve will not change, there is incredible potential to grow,” said Mr. Dixit. “Our new brand positions us for new value from Shinhan Card. Shinhan Finance is the result of our vision of being counted among the finest financial institutions. It is expected to be a top-of-mind brand for the consumption needs of customers, and we hope to augment our customer success through this business. A number of initiatives have been undertaken to underscore this position, with key focuses on the customer experience, innovative technology, and credit management.”

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