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September 4: VN-Index down in morning trade

Released at: 15:08, 04/09/2018 Stock Market Watch

September 4: VN-Index down in morning trade

Source: TVSI

Index loses 0.43% in first session after National Day holiday.

by Hai Van

Many investors appeared to still be in “holiday mode” when the market opened on September 4 after being closed yesterday for National Day, with liquidity quite low and the VN-Index hovering around its reference point after more than an hour of trade.

There were few points of note, with good growth seen in VHM from the opening while VHM rose 2.5 per cent and OGC hit its ceiling.

HSX had 104 gainers and 164 losers in the morning session, as the VN-Index lost 4.26 points (0.43 per cent) to finish at 985.28 points. Total trading volume was just over 92.61 million, down more than 6 per cent against last Friday.

Banking stocks struggled and most trade was below the reference level, but falls were not significant, with the biggest loser being BID, by more than 2 per cent.

CTI’s sudden fall saw it hit its floor, absent of any negative news.

After struggling in the first half of the session, banks then began to face selling pressure and headed downwards, with BID and CTG being particularly affected, shedding 3.1 per cent and 2.6 per cent, respectively.

Among other banking stocks, VCB lost 0.2 per cent, MBB 1.5 per cent, HDB 1.7 per cent, and STB 0.4 per cent, while only VPB finished in positive territory, by 0.8 per cent.

Small and medium caps were also under sales pressure and fell accordingly, with PVD, DXG, PDR, and GTN seeing trade of between half a million and 2.1 million units and FLC and HAG over 4 million units.

Conversely, ASM, OGC, AMD, ITA, HAR, VOS, OGC, HAR and VOS hit their ceilings, and ASM saw the highest matching order, of over 6.3 million units.

Other notable stocks were YEG, which hit its ceiling, and KSB, which rose 5.6 per cent, GMC 3.9 per cent, and LHG 3.5 per cent.

The HNX-Index was also unsteady in the first half of the morning session on HNX, but recovered somewhat in the second half, with ACB and some real estate and construction stocks leading the way.

ACB lost 1.5 per cent, VGC 0.5 per cent, and VC3 2.1 per cent while CEO gained 0.7 per cent.

SHB fell 1.2 per cent, MBS 0.6 per cent, and PVI 1 per cent, as PVS rose 0.5 per cent and HUT 1.9 per cent.

The highest order matching was seen in PVS, with 3.15 million shares traded, as ACB saw nearly 3 million units, SHB 2 million units, and VCG and VGC more than 1.2 million units.

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