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September 28: VN-Index 0.38% in morning

Released at: 14:52, 28/09/2018 Stock Market Watch

September 28: VN-Index 0.38% in morning

Chart from TVSI

Banking leads the way in morning trade.

by Ngoc Han

Morning trade was quite slow on September 28 until the last 20 minutes, when a number of stocks began to gain ground.

The most noticeable mover was STB, which unexpectedly reached its ceiling on strong demand. Prior to 10.30am it was doing nothing special, but after 11am began to rise rapidly and about seven minutes before the break hit its ceiling, rising 6.72 per cent.

STB’s liquidity increased to 17.1million shares, of which foreigners bought 5.61 million. Total matched shares at its ceiling price was 3.3 million, with sales at about 1.61 million shares once its ceiling was reached.

Banking had a number of strong stocks in the morning. Besides STB, BID increased 2.02 per cent, VPB 2.67 per cent, and CTG 1.45 per cent. VCB increased just 0.47 per cent, MBB 0.87 per cent, and HDB 0.65 per cent. BID rose but accounted for only 18 per cent of liquidity.

More than 28 per cent of HPG’s matched volume was bought by foreign investors, and it increased 0.96 per cent.

In the last 30 minutes of the morning, the VN-Index rose faster as STB, HPG, and VPB were the most active. The Index also depended on VHM, which rose 1.06 per cent, and BID, up 2.02 per cent.

The VN-Index closed up 0.38 per cent with 143 shares increasing and 144 shares decreasing. The VN30-Index rose 0.63 per cent, with 18 gainers and 12 losers.

Apart from banking, blue-chips were not strong. VRE increased 1.1 per cent while GAS fell 0.09 per cent, MSN 0.11 per cent, PLX 0.28 per cent, VIC 0.41 per cent, VNM 0.58 per cent, and VJC 0.66 per cent.

HNX also benefited from the banking sector. ACB gained 1.18 per cent, SHB 3.33 per cent, VCS 0.94 per cent, and VCG 0.52 per cent. PVS fell 1.26 per cent and VGC 0.51 per cent. The HNX-Index gained 0.82 per cent and the HNX30-Index 0.67 per cent, with 14 shares increasing and eleven falling.

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