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All indexes close higher

Released at: 18:28, 13/02/2017 Stock Market Watch

All indexes close higher

Good trade all round on February 13.

by Hung Khanh

All main indexes on VIetnam’s stock markets finished higher on February 13.

On HSX the VN-Index increased 2.12 points (0.3 per cent) and the VN30-Index gained 3.9 points (0.59 per cent). The VNMid-Index rose 9.48 points (1.13 per cent) and the VNSml-Index 6.57 points (0.85 per cent).

On HNX, the HNX-Index increased 0.39 points (0.45 per cent) and the HNX30-Index 2.46 points (1.59 per cent).

The UPCoM-Index gained 0.02 points (0.04 per cent) and the VNALL-Index gained 6.77 points (0.68 per cent).

HSX saw a 160 point increase followed by a 93 point decrease while HNX saw a 144 point increase follo    wed by a 106 point decrease.

Liquidity on HSX reached VND2.6 trillion ($114.6  million), about 4 per cent lower than last Friday, and on HNX was VND431 billion ($19 million), 12 per cent higher.

The VN-Index opened at 703.8 points, it up after pre-opening session but quickly tumbled to bottom of the day at 703.6 points in early session. It then recover to 705.3 points and traded fluctuate around the points to close morning session at 705 points. The afternoon session saw the index increase gradually to top of the day at 706.4 points in middle of session before fell a bit to close day’s trading at 705.9 points.

Among food and beverage stocks, VNM close at its opening price, BHN and MSN down 1.5 per cent and 0.5 per cent respectively. KDC up 0.5 per cent, SBT 0.4 per cent and SAB 0.1 per cent.

In banking, STB down 2 per cent, BID 0.5 per cent, VCB 1.2 per cent and CTG 0.3 pere cent. MBB and EIB up 1.8 per cent and 1.4 per cent respectively.

In energy, CNG up 1 per cent, PGD 0.4 per cent and GAS 0.2 per cent.

Among other large caps on HSX, VIC close at its opening price. MWG up 2.9 per cent, BVH 1.7 per cent, HPG 0.9 per cent and NVL 0.7 per cent.

ROS remain as highest liquidity on market as it saw VND325 billion ($14.33 million), price increased 0.7 per cent. Follow by FLC with VND123 billion ($5.42 million) and price up 7 per cent. VNM saw little trading liquidity of VND93 billion ($4.1 million), ranked 5th on the HSX.

On HNX, PHP and ACB down 2.4 per cent and 1.7 per cent respectively. NTP close at its opening price, while PVS up 5.4 per cent, VCG 3.9 per cent, SHB 2 per cent, VCS 1.4 per cent and PVI 0.4 per cent.

Foreign investors net bought on HSX by VND21 billion ($926,100) and net sold by VND7 billion ($308,700) on HNX.

Following the direction of global equities, Vietnam’s stock market increased broadly as gainers outnumbered losers at a rate of 273/183. Market investment was better as money advanced and stretched out, especially in mid- and small-cap stocks. Today saw the return of the oil and gas group while aviation stocks attracted attention after information about VJC being listed on HoSE. Previously recommended groups, like construction, construction materials, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers kept their upward momentum. One negative was profit-taking pressure on lenders, led by VCB, which hampered the market’s uptrend. This may be because of an SBV draft, under which individual and/or institutions’ capital contributions raised from loans to other financial institutions is to be restricted. Overall, the uptrend is still on the way. However, there will be stronger volatilities as the VN-Index and HNX-Index approach 710-715 and 88 points, respectively, due to the fast rotation of money. Therefore, investors should maintain a high stock weight and focus on leading stocks or potentially growing shares.

KIS Vietnam Securities Corporation

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