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Most indexes finish in positive territory

Released at: 19:41, 01/08/2017 Stock Market Watch

Most indexes finish in positive territory

Only UPCoM loses ground on August 1.

by May May

Most indexes on Vietnam’s stock market gained ground on August 1.

On HSX, the VN-Index increased 3.26 points (0.42 per cent) and the VN30-Index 2.12 points (0.28 per cent).

On HNX, the HNX-Index rose 0.14 points (0.14 per cent) and the HNX30-Index 0.32 points (0.17 per cent), while the UPCoM-Index lost 0.63 points (1.11 per cent).

Liquidity on HSX reached VND3.65 trillion ($160.6 million) and on HNX was VND655.8 billion ($28.85 million).

The VN-Index opened at 783.55 points and rose to 786.6 points before hitting its bottom of the day of 784.1 points. It then closed the morning at 786.3 points. It increased in the afternoon and reached its peak of the day of 787.6 points before easing to finish at 786.81 points.

On HSX, 124 stock codes increased and 159 fell, while on HNX 109 rose and 104 fell.

In banking, AGR increased 6.9 per cent and VCB 1.7 per cent while CTG lost 2 per cent and MBB 0.4 per cent. BID closed at its opening price.

In energy, TDG reached its ceiling in rising 7 per cent and PVD rose 6.8 per cent, ASP 2.7 per cent, and GAS 2.6 per cent, while PVT and PPC lost 2.7 per cent and 2.2 per cent, respectively.

In construction and real estate, OGC increased 2.7 per cent, FLC 0.8 per cent, and ROS 0.5 per cent. DXG shed 1.8 per cent, HBC 0.9 per cent, and VIC 0.2 per cent, while NVL closed at its opening price.

Among large caps, SAB rose 3.4 per cent, FPT 1.3 per cent, and HPG 1.2 per cent, while VNM fell 1 per cent, MSN 0.8 per cent, and BVH 0.5 per cent.

Notable shares on HNX included PVV, which increased 8.3 per cent, PVX by 4 per cent, and VCG 2 per cent, while BII lost 10 per cent and DPS 5.6 per cent.

The Top 10 stocks that increased the most on HSX were TDG, HAI, BWE, AGR, FCM, BBC, CMX, LCM, BHN, and HAR.

The Top 10 on HSX were HQC, FLC, ITA, PVD, HAG, DXG, HNX, SCR, VHG, and HSG.

Foreign investors net bought by VND96.92 billion ($4.26 million) on HSX and net sold by VND5.94 billion ($261,361) on HNX.

“The VN-Index will fluctuate around 785 points in tomorrow’s session. A buy and hold strategy on good stocks is the best for investors. They should consider trading T+ bank shares and securities shares.”

Maritime Securities Incorporation (MSI)


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