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Manulife holds investment conference

Released at: 13:58, 11/12/2018

Manulife holds investment conference

Photo: Manulife

Hanoi conference on protecting assets follows similar event in HCMC.

by Doanh Doanh

Nearly 500 individual investors attended an investment conference organized by Manulife Vietnam in Hanoi on December 9, following a similar conference in Ho Chi Minh City in November.

Investors in Hanoi had the opportunity to understand how to increase their assets while being fully protected, after meeting with Mr. Larry Truong, Personal Financial Planning Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board of Canadian Financial Consulting.

“Everybody, whether rich or poor, has experienced financial difficulties,” Mr. Truong said. “However, financial prosperity is at the fingertips of every person if we know how to plan it effectively.”

He also analyzed the Financial Planning Tower for individuals and families. Accordingly, each person usually goes through three stages: creating property, accumulating property, and protecting property. At the stage of asset creation, individuals tend to invest in stocks, venture capital funds, real estate, investment commodities, and foreign currencies, etc.

To accumulate assets, they will choose bank deposit channels, trust funds, mutual funds, or others. After all, they are beginning to think about ensuring their financial security, protecting their assets in a solid way through life insurance. With each stage, the investor will face different risks, and the risks will be reduced to the lowest levels when individuals and families are protected by insurance companies. “The journey to build financial prosperity consists of four periods: Saving, Risk Diversification, Smart Investment, and an Asset Protection Plan, through the Insurance Policy,” Mr. Truong told the conference.

Investors were also shown how to analyze the prospects for long-term investment in Vietnam by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, Manulife’s Fixed Income Investments Director.

According to Mr. Hai, Vietnam’s economy is forecast to continue its high level of growth in the years to come thanks to an influx of FDI. Improvements in domestic demand due to the rapid increase in per capita income, the strong process of urbanization, the streamlining of processes and regulations to support the operation of the business, and Vietnam’s active participation in international economic integration will also be factors that sustain the economy.

Vietnam’s stock market will also continue to develop as the economic outlook is higher than previously. The government is accelerating the equitization of SOEs and greater attention from foreign investors in the stock market has also helped it continue to flourish.

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