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August 1: VN-Index increased

Released at: 15:04, 01/08/2018 Stock Market Watch

August 1: VN-Index increased

Source: TVSI

The VN-Index is on its way to 1,000 points.

by My Van

The market opened in early August with unexpected movements and the pressure of profit-taking from the last session has made investors cautious.

At 9:55, the VN-Index increased slightly by 0.61 point (0.06 per cent) to 957 points; the HNX-Index increased by 0.27 per cent to 106.44 points and the UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.12 per cent to 50.42 points.

Petroleum stocks were the main focus of the market with many gainers such as GAS, PVD, PVS, PVB, and PXS. Even PVD gained to the limit.

SSI and HCM stock exchanges also made positive gains in trading volume.

In the real estate group, transaction structure was stronger with DXG, DIG, CTD, CEO, VCG, and VIC. However, PC1, NLG, NVL, SCR, HBC, and KDH are currently adjusting.

HAG and HNG, after the recent strong movements, are gaining strength and falling. Stocks such as FLC, AMD, HAI, and KLF remain bullish, with the exception of ROS.

FPTS: The VN-Index is still in a short-term recovery trajectory towards its target of 1,000 points

Liquidity continued to improve after the VN-Index successfully established a short-term bottom above the support level of 900 points.

The return of this cash flow is seen as a positive sign that will strengthen the market. Regarding cash flow statistics by session, the liquidity boom focused mainly on the large capitalization stocks, especially in the core groups such as banks, securities, and real estate complex. Surfing investors can take advantage of the markets to join the current rally.

BSC: Investors should continue to monitor and consider opening trading position

The stock market increased strongly in the morning session with high trading volume due to the positive attitudes of the investors from the previous session. The index continued to improve in the afternoon thanks to good liquidity with the leading of stock VN30, and strong attractiveness was maintained in FLC and HAG as well as large cash flow into TCB, VCB, and IDI. The index gained 6.66 points yesterday. BSC's view on the market has been improved due to a large amount of cash flow. Investors should continue to monitor and consider opening positions.

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